About Us

Hello Everyone!

My name is Dee Westcott I am your Admin.

I live in a small town in MN by the Canadian Border.

I have been online since around 1995 and have been in network marketing since 2000.

My greatest desire is helping others!

I own and operate 10 safelists and 2 Paid 2 Click Sites, Along with around 12 to 15 Domains. (for list of Safelists and paid 2 Click sites see below).

I also own 4 Dating Sites, which provides residual income. I love it!
I have 4 partner sites with Tango Wire if you are interested in having your own site visit this link: Here!
For more information on my dating sites read here:

I also rent out Safelists and provide hosting for customers.
So if you are thinking about owning a safelist send me a message and I will help you. Or take a look here: here or : Here!

Or if you are looking for hosting at a low price, send me a message and I will provide you with what you need. Or take a look here: Here!

I also provide Advertising Services for customers such as: Solo Ads, Banner Impressions, Block Ads, Sponsor a Link, Top Sponsor Ads and Guaranteed Views. I have been providing Advertising Services for Customers for around 2 to 3 years now. Here! or here

I also do script installs for customers who need a script uploaded to their domains. (If you need a script install just send me an email and let me know what you need and I will help you).

I keep my services priced low to accommodate a low budget. I remember when I first started out and didn't have much money to pay for advertising. I wanted to get the word out but could not afford the high costs that people were charging. So, I keep my prices low to help all my customers and give them more than they bargained for.

This is one of the reasons I started Synchronize Your Ads Free Advertising Forum to help others with their advertising needs. To provide marketers with a place to share their favorite resources and spread the word to others.
I would like the forum to be a nice place for sharing free advertising venues and a place to be book marked and visited often. Here!

Please feel free to share as many free advertising sites so that others can also use these resources. You can use your Affiliate Links so you will build downline at the same time. It's a Win Win Situation all the way around.

My husband and I also design splash pages and banners for customers. Animated or standard banners designed for your needs. For Samples and information go here

My husband Byron, worked in graphic designs for many many years, he has excellent taste in blending colors and adding just the right touch to make his banners and splash pages reach out to viewers. (See our wedding picture below).

As For the list of the Safelists I own and Operate:
I keep my Safelists Very Clean! I believe in a Good Quality Safelists providing members with Results not Just Numbers of Members who are not reading their emails!

1. My Favorite Safelist is: Dusty's Magical Marketing
A Great Credit Based Safelists with some of the Best Members Online! The Members are Very Responsive and Keep Very Active! Those are 2 Qualities that make a Safelist Work!
I provide my paying members with a whole lot of Bonus Advertising Benefits to assist them with their Advertising Needs! See the site for Details: Here!
We also have a Lottery Clicking contest Monthly where the Top Clickers of the Month win Advertising Free!

Dusty's Magical Marketing has 2 Parts the Safelist Area (listed above) and Paid 2 Click Area: Here

Providing Members with Paid 2 Click Banners, Paid 2 Read Emails, Banner impressions, Link Box Exposure, Traffic Exchange Manual Traffic Exchange for more exposure to your site, and also a Fun Lotto Game to win Credits and Cash! Where Members view others websites for chances to win! Join today and Start promoting, Trade your Credits in for Advertising! Here

2 . My New Credit Based Safelists that is in Pre Launch:
Synchronize Your Ads! Here

I am offering Free Pro right now, so it is a good time to Join Today and reap the Pro Benefits! This safelists is like Ad Tactics providing the members with Credit Links where they accumulate Credits and View other members websites at the same time. Offering a lot of Exposure to your site instead of hoping that the members will read your Ad, this way, they will see your site

Guaranteed when they read your email! Great Script!

What makes this List different is for the Paid Members, which I provide them with Free Solo Ads to members Contact Email Box giving Even More Exposure to their advertisements! Members Read Contact Emails far more than they do members emails, Solo Ad give Far Better Results!

So Join Today and Set up your Ads to Maximize Your Exposure! Here

3. Web Profit Gold Safelists

4. Net Profit Gold Safelist

5. Promote Your Business 2 Safelist

6. Prince of Promoting Safelist

7. Champions In Promoting Safelists

8. Pals Advertising list

9. Bauser's Best Advertising List

Bauser's Also has a Paid 2 Click Site: BBA Paid 2 Click
Where the members are paid 2 Read emails. Low $2 Pay Out.
This script is like Dusty's Magical Marketing Part 2 which provides members with Traffic Exchange, Lotto Game, Banner Impressions, Link Box Views, Lotto Views, Paid 2 Click Banners and Paid 2 Read Emails.
Members need to Login to their Accounts to View the Paid 2 Read Emails. Redeem your credits for Free Advertising. Here!

10. Champion Pro Safelist


I am also a partner with Brian Hawkins

Providing hosting services for Customers.
Brian is an Internet marketer who helps marketers with useful information with his Blog and Ezine , and a Free Advertising Forum. He also owns 5 Credit Based Safelists list here with one of my favorites (which provides the most bang for your buck is here: Extreme Site Promotions Credit Based Safelist ).

He also has a very informative website to assist newbies with their needs. Here And here

He also provides a Url tracking and Short Url service:here

He owns and operates around 70 domains or more!

His hosting website is located: Here

He also has written a Free Ebook : 'Credit-Based Safelists Explained' or find the link here

We are planning on opening an affiliate site where Affiliates can Earn Cash for Selling Safelist Memberships and Advertising. Coming Soon!

Also a Newbie Training Center to help Marketers learn how and where to market to See results! Watch for Details!

Another Partner:

My Husband, Byron, who designes Banners for customers and splash pages.

Here is Byron and I when we were married, May 20, 1999.

More Sites opening soon to help You with Your needs! Stay Tuned!

Best Wishes to Your Success,
Dee Westcott